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MackinMaker Standard 9-12 Kit


MackinMaker Standard 9-12 Kit

MackinMaker Standard 9-12 Kit includes the following products:
Bird Brain Humming Bird Robotics Duo Base Kit

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The Hummingbird Robotics Kit allows students to create and program robots, kinetic sculptures and animatronics, built out of a combination of electronic components and crafting materials. A product of the Carnegie Mellon University CREATE Lab, Hummingbird is designed to inspire and enable creative engineering, robotics, and making activities for ages 13 and up (8 with adult supervision).

Combined with very easy-to-use software environments like Scratch, Snap!, the CREATE Lab Visual Programmer, and Ardublock, Hummingbird provides a great way to introduce kids to robotics and engineering with construction materials that they are already familiar with. At the same time, Hummingbird continues to provide new challenges by allowing programming in the Arduino environment, Python, Java, and Processing, and by supporting Raspberry Pi.

The Hummingbird Duo Base kit has everything you need to build a robot, just add craft materials!


  • Hummingbird Duo controller
  • Power supply, USB cable, terminal tool, snap-in stand-offs
  • 4 single-color LEDs (red, orange, yellow, green)
  • 2 tri-color LEDs
  • 2 hobby servos and 1 servo extension cable
  • 1 light sensor and 1 temperature sensor

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Chibitronics Chibi Lights Circuit Stickers Classroom Pack

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Chibitronics Chibi Lights Circuit Stickers are a creative and fun way to learn electronics. Circuit stickers are LED circuits on peel-and-stick stickers. Build circuits without soldering, plugging wires, or clips. Instead, use the stickers with conductive tapes to draw circuits on paper and other crafts. Learn to build circuits while make interactive artworks. It’s easy, fun, safe and creative.

Free downloadable tutorials and templates, videos, project ideas and the Circuit Sticker Sketchbook. The Sketchbook walks students though five circuit concepts including parallel circuits, switches and resistance-based sensors. Every activity comes with a circuit theory lesson, a template with drawing activity and then an open-ended activity for students to design and create their own circuits. Since the circuits are completed right on the pages of the book, students will have an interactive sketchbook of working circuits to refer to as they design their own projects. Best of all, they’ll be able to learn new electronics concepts while also expressing themselves in whole new ways.

Use these peel-and-stick circuits to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface: paper, fabric, plastic, the sky’s the limit! Circuit Stickers are an approachable way to learn and create electronics through craft, whether students are just starting out with circuits, lighting up their favorite art, craft or science project.

Includes 90 white LED stickers (pre-cut into 30 sets of 3) and 98′ of copper tape (provided as 6 rolls of 16.4′).

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Circuit Scribe Basic Kit

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Circuit Scribe is a rollerball pen that writes with conductive silver ink. Making a circuit is as easy as doodling on paper. Simply draw a line – no shaking, squeezing or waiting for the ink to dry! Then snap modules (power, input, output and connect) onto the circuit drawing along with something magnetic like a magnet or refrigerator door. Build one of their bundled kits or create something fantastic from scratch. Circuit Scribe is ideal for all skill sets from student to teacher to hacker! Ideal for home, after-school clubs or classroom. For ages 8 and up.

The Basic Kit contains a Circuit Scribe pen, six modules, a 9V battery and other accessories. Explore basic circuit concepts like conductivity and work up to creating a touch-sensitive circuit using the NPN transistor.

Includes conductive ink pen, circuit stencil, jumper sticker sheet, steel sheet, plus 6 modules: 9V battery adapter with 9V battery, 2 bi-LEDs, SPST switch, NPN transistor, 2-pin adapter with 5 resistors (100, 1k, 10k, 100k and 1M ohm), 2 capacitors (0.1uF, 1.0uF) and 1 photoresistor (10k ohms).

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(5) Energizer Lithium Coin Battery, 3V 2032
Energizer Rechargeable Ni-Mh AA Batteries

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Rechargeable Ni-Mh AA batteries, 2/pkg.

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(2) Gardner Bender Electrical Tape, Black, 3/4″ x 60′

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Quality electrical tape designed for general purpose electrical applications and can be used in various electrical applications that require an added protection for a terminal connection. The vinyl tape is a tough, with an extremely durable adhesive ability. Tape is made from low-lead PVC material, is resistant to abrasion, UV rays, moisture and many acids. It is a tough 7 mil tape with excellent adhesive ability and is designed for light-duty use.

  • For applications up to 600V
  • Temperature rating up to 176°F (80°C)
  • UL Listed and CSA certified

Color: Black
Size: 3/4″ x 60′

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Makey Makey Deluxe Kit
Makey Makey Deluxe Kit

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Make STEM Education fun! Makey Makey is an invention kit for the 21st century. Turn everyday objects into touchpads and combine them with the internet. It’s a simple Invention Kit for Beginners and Experts doing art, engineering and everything in between.

Makey Makey works just like a USB keyboard or mouse, sending keyboard (WASD, spacebar, etc) and mouse (left click, right click, etc) signals to your computer. Makey Makey Classic works through opening and closing circuits, just like any other button. Instead of the circuit being closed underneath your keyboard, the circuit is closed through the conductive objects you connect with alligator clips like your hand or your lunch or some tinfoil. When the circuit is closed, the Makey Makey sends a command to your computer, just like when a button is pressed on a keyboard.

Connect the world around you to your computer! Setup takes just seconds. Make game controllers, musical instruments and countless inventions. Advance to additional inputs and multi-key remapping up to 18 keys.

  • Turn everyday objects like bananas into touchpads
  • Just plug, clip and play
  • No programming knowledge needed
  • No software to install
  • Works with Mac and Windows
  • 1,000’s of possibilities
  • Ages 8+

Works on Windows, Mac, Chromebook and on many flavors of Linux (Ubuntu, etc.). If the device supports a USB keyboard or mouse, it should work with Makey Makey.

Includes Makey Makey board, USB cable, 14 alligator clips, 30 connector wires and 50′ copper tape.

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Qubits 84 Piece Red Backpack STEM Style Kit

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Qubits are modeled after the hexagonal building blocks of nature, offering a keen awareness of shapes, modular patterns and structural engineering. Young architects can assemble the structural girder like pieces into an endless array of shapes and geometric structures. Qubits’ unique building system offers practice in math skills related to positioning, patterns, spatial reasoning and logical thinking.

Qubits are easily assembled and have the ability to create a variety of absolutely AMAZING shapes. Qubits are unique in the way that they assemble with the use of just (2) different shapes! It is a lesson in modular forms. Plus they are compatible with Lego, K’nex, SuperStruts, Hot Wheels, and many others allowing you to build combo structures. Good toys play together! Fuel your imagination with these connection pieces. Everyone can play with this toy because there is no limit to what can be made. The Qubits toy is strong and can be played with by sending it down a slope, stairway or just tossing it across the carpet to see it roll. Build a bridge across the desks in your classroom, the challenges are endless.

Key Benefits:

  • Discover the modular geometry found in nature
  • Strengthen small motor dexterity and hand-eye coordination
  • Enjoy imaginative play
  • Develop math skills related to counting, spatial reasoning and logical thinking as system allows students to build in different directions
  • Explore positional concepts: on, under, near, next to
  • Sort, count, and connect shapes in a variety of ways
  • Foster creativity with open-ended building possibilities
  • Build confidence as pieces are easy for small hands to hold, connect and take apart for construction success!

Includes 84 Qubit pieces, 2′ x 3′ full color instruction sheet and translucent mesh backpack.

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Sam labs Inventor Kit

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The ultimate inventor kit to bring SAM into your classroom. SAM is a smart construction kit. SAM blocks connect wirelessly to the SAM app. You create awesome inventions. No wires, no fuss. Just serious fun.

Each SAM block has a specific skill. Buttons, lights, sensors, motors, and so much more. One block, a million possibilities. They’re wirelessly activated – using Bluetooth – to move, illuminate or sound. For ages 7+.

Includes 4 SAM Blocks: (light sensor, buzzer, tilt and DC motor), micro USB charging cable, Bluetooth 4.0 dongle and motor attachment.

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Sparkfun Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit copy
Sparkfun Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit

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There’s a lot of Raspberry Pi information going around lately. Whether it’s Pi A, A+, B, B+, or Pi 2 B, any forum will have thousands of people giving all the answers possible to a problem. Though most methods work for any version, it can be tough to decide which information to choose. The Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit is a great way to gain a solid introduction to the small, credit-card sized computer. With this kit you will be able to get your Raspberry Pi 3 connected through our SparkFun Pi Wedge to a breadboard and, by utilizing the Pi’s 40-pin GPIO, control pushbuttons, LEDs, and a host of user created circuits.

The on-line guides and tutorials we will be providing will contain step by step instructions of how to set up your Raspberry Pi and how to program it in a variety of languages. We have supplied some example code and detailed images on how to get started.

This kit will not require any soldering and is recommended for anyone with a drive to learn more about the Raspberry Pi and its programming. So if you are looking for a new challenge or a way to get in on the RPi craze, check out this Raspberry Pi 3 Starter Kit!


Raspberry Pi 3
SparkFun Pi Wedge (Preassembled)
SparkFun FTDI Basic Breakout – 3.3V
Breadboard – Full-Size (Bare)
Pi Tin for the Raspberry Pi – Black
16GB microSD (Preloaded with OS)
microSD USB Reader
Red, Blue, Yellow and Green Tactile Buttons
Red, Blue, Yellow and Green LEDs
Resistor 330 Ohm 1/6 Watt PTH – 20 pack
Raspberry Pi GPIO Ribbon Cable – 40-pin, 6″
SparkFun USB Mini-B Cable – 6 Foot
Wall Adapter Power Supply – 5.25V DC 2.4A (USB Micro-B)
Jumper Wires Premium 6″ M/F – 10 Pack
Jumper Wires Standard 7″ M/M – 30 Pack

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Sparkle Labs SunMod Solar Hacking Kit

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A fun and easy way for students to hack any AA or AAA powered device to make it solar powered. Attach the SunMod flexible solar panel to any AA or AAA powered device and let the sun’s rays charge it. Try it out on your iPod speakers, computer mouse, TV remotes, kid’s toys, etc.

Includes flexible solar cell 4.8V with soldered metal connectors, mailable packaging and double-sided tape.

NiMH batteries, sold separately.

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Sphero SPRK+ Robot

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Designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and invention through connected play and coding, SPRK+ is far more than just a robot. Powered by the Lightning Lab app, students can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities and share their creations with the community. Navigate a maze. Program a painting. Mimic the solar system. Swim across the water. Have a dance party… The only limit is the students’ imagination.

SPRK+ and Lightning Lab allow students to collaborate with other users around the globe to innovate the world of education and empower anyone to program. Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a strong scratch-resistant UV coating, SPRK+ takes hands-on learning up a notch. Join the growing community of makers, students, instructors, and parents – all learning on the same social platform. SPRK+ will foster a love of robotics, coding, and STEAM principles… all through play. Learning is evolving. Get on the ball.

Tech Specs:
Super durable UV coated polycarbonate shell
Bluetooth Smart (100 foot range)
Goes over 4.5 mph (2m/s)
Built-in LED glow
Inductive charging with over 1 hour of play on a full charge
App and firmware updates that introduce new features

Plug charging cradle into a USB power adapter and directly into a wall outlet.
If charging more than one SPRK+, plug charging cradle into a Sphero Approved USB hub, noted on our support page.
DO NOT use an unapproved USB hub. Doing so can cause irreparable damage to your cradle and robot.

Includes Sphero SPRK+, inductive charging base with USB charging cable, maze tape, 360° protractor, sticker sheet, Quick Start guide to get you rolling and Sphero SPRK Lightning app available for download in the App Store, Google Play and Kindle Store.

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