MackinMaker Standard 3-5 Kit


MackinMaker Standard 3-5 Kit

MackinMaker Standard 3-5 Kit includes the following products:
KEVA Brain Builders

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KEVA planks instantly transform libraries into engaging, interactive learning spaces. Quiet unguided construction or activities that bring stories, STEM and Art to life.

Approach KEVA from a whole new angle! Full-color cards include a 2-D building challenge on one side and the solution on the other. Students can manipulate KEVA planks to successfully duplicate the balance, proportion, composition and geometry featured on each card. For ages 8 and up.

Includes 20 KEVA planks, 30 double-sided cards and instructions in a zippered carrying case.

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K’NEX Introduction to Simple Machines: Levers & Pulleys

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Hands-on learning at it best! The K’NEX® Education Intro to Simple Machines: Levers & Pulleys set is designed to introduce students to the scientific concepts associated with two types of Simple Machines – levers and pulleys. Students are provided with the opportunity to acquire skills using a hands-on, inquiry-based approach to information and concepts. Working cooperatively, students are encouraged to interact with each other as they build, investigate, discuss, and evaluate scientific principles in action.

Builds 8 fully-functioning replicas of real-world machines, one at a time.

The Teacher’s Guide provides the information and resources needed to build students’ understanding of scientific concepts and channel their inquiries into active and meaningful learning experiences. Extension activities that can be used to explore the concepts more deeply are also included.

STEM Education focuses on science, technology, engineering and mathematics concepts taught through problem-solving, discovery, exploratory learning and critical thinking. STEM Education requires students to be active participants in the learning. K’NEX® models offer hands-on learning opportunities that encourage scientific inquiry, investigation and experimentation. Our inquiry-based lessons challenge students as they build, investigate, problem solve, discuss, and evaluate scientific and design principles in action. Aligned to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math standards.

Key Concepts:

  • Making work easier
  • W = Fd (Work equals force times distance)
  • Effort Arm, Resistance Arm, and Fulcrum
  • Classes of levers
  • Ideal Mechanical Advantage
  • Actual Mechanical Advantage
  • Fixed Pulley
  • Movable Pulley
  • Block and Tackle
  • Mechanical Systems

Grades 3-5. For 2-3 students in teams.

Includes 178 K’NEX parts, building instructions, comprehensive teacher’s guide and storage tray with snap-on lid.

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LEGO® Large Creative Brick Box

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Build up a storm with this big box of classic LEGO® bricks in 33 different colors. With lots of different windows and doors, along with other special pieces to inspire you, you can really run with your imagination. With some ideas to get you started, this set provides the perfect creative toolkit for budding builders of all ages to enjoy some classic LEGO construction. It comes in a convenient plastic storage box and is an ideal supplement to any existing LEGO collection. For ages 4 and up.

  • Features 8 different types of windows and doors with 8 different frames
  • Special pieces also include 2 different sized green baseplates, 3 sets of eyes, 6 tires and 6 wheel rims
  • LEGO® Classic is designed to inspire open-ended creativity with the LEGO brick
  • Special pieces encourage imaginative building play
  • Large number of windows and doors facilitates classic LEGO® construction
  • All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously
  • Ideas included with the set and online at to help you get started
  • Comes in a useful plastic storage box
  • Green baseplates measure 6″ x 6″ (16 x 16cm) and 4″ x 2″ (12 x 6 cm)

Includes 790 pieces and plastic storage box.

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littleBits Rule Your Room Kit

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Create touch-activated inventions to control your stuff.

Includes 8 inventions, plus thousands more online

  1. Creepy Eyeballs – Invent a creepy companion that glows green whenever it hears a noise.
  2. Moving Collage – Invent interactive artwork that can wiggle and dance on command.
  3. Buzzing Booklet – Invent a game that turns your booklet into an electronic device.
  4. Burglar Buzzer – Invent your own burglar alarm that catches thieves in the act.
  5. Domain Defender – Invent a defense system to guard your stuff and attack on command!
  6. Top Secret Safe – Invent a trigger-activated safe to keep prying eyes from your prized possessions.
  7. Carrot Control Pad – Invent a controller for your favorite computer game using the Makey Makey Bit and your favorite foods!
  8. Programmable Pop-Up Puppet – Invent a puppet that can play pranks, protect your computer, and be coded to say anything you want.

Product Perks

  • Learn at Home – Extend STEM/STEAM learning from the classroom to the home.
  • Combine with Toys – Give your toys (like LEGO!) new superpowers by adding Bits to them.
  • Creative Confidence – Gain the confidence and curiosity to reinvent the world around you.
  • Active Playtime – Minimize screen time with a toolbox you can use again and again.
  • Exclusive Bits – The only kit with the Makey Makey Bit! Transform any object into a touch pad.
  • Gain Steam Skills – Build science, engineering, art and math skills as you problem-solve and invent.
  • Endless Inventions – Find thousands of additional invention instructions online & on the app.
  • It’s All Reusable – Reuse your Bits in unlimited ways to create new, imaginative inventions.

Ages 8+
Grades 3 – 8

1 bargraph
1 buzzer
1 dimmer
1 Makey Makey
1 power
1 servo
1 sound trigger

1 battery + cable
1 mechanical arm
1 micro usb cable
1 mounting boards
2 project templates
1 screwdriver
4 screws
1 servo hub
1 servo mount
6 Shoes (Adhesive)

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Makedo Cardboard Construction Tool Kit 120-Piece

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Makedo is a simple to use, open-ended system of tools for creative cardboard construction. Build imaginative and useful creations from upcycled (repurposed) everyday cardboard. Makedo comes to life in collaborative creative environments such as classrooms, maker spaces, museums and of course homes. Makedo inspires and enhances the learning process because it is highly engaging and super exciting to use.

With Makedo, learners can explore their ideas and hypotheses in an open-ended, hands on way that engenders a deeper understanding of concepts with application to real-life scenarios. With Makedo, the emphasis is on process rather than outcome. What could be seen as a mistake becomes a discovery and cause for celebration. Through a process of experimentation, adaptation and invention, with Makedo, ordinary cardboard becomes that imagined thing; from ‘minds eye’ to ‘I made it’. For ages 6 and up.

This Makedo tool kit is great for small and large creations. Kit consists of 120 reusable parts for 1 to 6 makers.

Includes 4 scrudrivers, 4 safe-saws, 84 scrus and 28 scru xl.

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OWI Robotic Arm Edge Kit

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The Robotic Arm Edge is loaded with capabilities… command the gripper to open and close, wrist motion of 120°, an extensive elbow range of 300°, base rotation of 270°, base motion of 180°, vertical reach of 15″, horizontal reach of 12.6″, and lifting capacity of 100g. WOW!

Additional features include a search light design on the gripper and a safety gear audible indicator is included on all five gear boxes to prevent any potential injury or gear breakage during operation. Total command and visual manipulation using the “5’s”, five-switch wired controller, 5 motors, 5 gear boxes, and 5 joints.

For ages 10 and up.

Requires 4 D batteries, sold separately, plus basic hand tools for assembly.

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Ozobot Evo Titanium Black

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Ozobot Evo is the smart and social robot that teaches you to code while connecting you with friends. Evo entertains right out of the box with an expressive language of sounds, LED lights and a little bit of attitude. The bot uses proximity sensors to avoid obstacles, and optical sensors to recognize colors. Download the Ozobot Evo App on a smartphone or tablet to enjoy remote controlled and programmable play with Evo. Find friends who have Evos of their own, and challenge them to races and coding games. Send and receive messages and Ozojis—Evo behaviors that combine lights, sounds and movements to express ideas and emotions. Re-program your Ozojis with the OzoBlockly editor to make them uniquely your own.

This smart and social robot introduces a whole new way for gamers and learners ages 8 and up to connect, code, collaborate and share. Earning achievements to unlock new experiences and plenty of personalization options make every day with Evo a unique experience—at home, in the classroom and on the go.

At home, the new Ozobot empowers endless hours of gaming, programming projects and downloadable activities for the whole family.

In the classroom, this bot introduces coding and STEM/STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) skills to inspire the next generation of leaders and innovators.

Measuring in at just over one cubic inch, the new Ozobot also enables on-the-go activities like meeting up with friends, syncing bots and unlocking enhanced gaming and learning experiences together.

In any setting, users can choose between controlling their Ozobot’s lights, sounds and movements from a smart device or letting the bot act autonomously.

The new Ozobot comes with the following features:

  • OzoChat for bot-2-bot worldwide messaging (Gated Chat for ages 12 and under)
  • RC-Controlled Movements, Sounds and Expressive LEDs
  • (IR) Proximity Sensing
  • Autonomous Behavior mode
  • Character and Content downloads
  • Ozobot App-Enabled
  • OzoBlockly-Enabled for introductory to advanced programming
  • 60+ Minute Playtime
  • Bluetooth-Enabled
  • Color and Line Detection

Includes Titanium Black Ozobot, playfield, OzoSkin, 4 color-code markers, USB charging cable and carrying pouch.

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Sphero SPRK+ Robot

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Designed to inspire curiosity, creativity and invention through connected play and coding, SPRK+ is far more than just a robot. Powered by the Lightning Lab app, students can easily learn programming, complete hands-on activities and share their creations with the community. Navigate a maze. Program a painting. Mimic the solar system. Swim across the water. Have a dance party… The only limit is the students’ imagination.

SPRK+ and Lightning Lab allow students to collaborate with other users around the globe to innovate the world of education and empower anyone to program. Equipped with Bluetooth SMART and a strong scratch-resistant UV coating, SPRK+ takes hands-on learning up a notch. Join the growing community of makers, students, instructors, and parents – all learning on the same social platform. SPRK+ will foster a love of robotics, coding, and STEAM principles… all through play. Learning is evolving. Get on the ball.

Tech Specs:
Super durable UV coated polycarbonate shell
Bluetooth Smart (100 foot range)
Goes over 4.5 mph (2m/s)
Built-in LED glow
Inductive charging with over 1 hour of play on a full charge
App and firmware updates that introduce new features

Plug charging cradle into a USB power adapter and directly into a wall outlet.
If charging more than one SPRK+, plug charging cradle into a Sphero Approved USB hub, noted on our support page.
DO NOT use an unapproved USB hub. Doing so can cause irreparable damage to your cradle and robot.

Includes Sphero SPRK+, inductive charging base with USB charging cable, maze tape, 360° protractor, sticker sheet, Quick Start guide to get you rolling and Sphero SPRK Lightning app available for download in the App Store, Google Play and Kindle Store.

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