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Grades 6-8 Kit

Nothing adds to an enriching Maker environment like a collection of engaging, thought-provoking content. Watch the imagination of your 6-8 grade students light up as they explore topics known and unknown with these fabulous kits.

Grades 6-8 kit includes the following products:

Chibitronics Chibi Lights LED Circuit Stickers STEM Starter Kit
Chibi Lights LED
Circuit Stickers
STEM Starter Kit

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Chibitronics Chibi Lights Circuit Stickers are a creative and fun way to learn electronics. Circuit stickers are LED circuits on peel-and-stick stickers. Build circuits without soldering, plugging wires, or clips. Instead, use the stickers with conductive tapes to draw circuits on paper and other crafts. Learn to build circuits while make interactive artworks. It’s easy, fun, safe and creative.

Our Chibitronics Starter Kit comes with the illustrated Circuit Sticker Sketchbook. The Sketchbook walks you though five circuit concepts including parallel circuits, switches and resistance-based sensors. Every activity comes with a circuit theory lesson, a template with drawing activity and then an open-ended activity for you to design and create your own circuits. Since the circuits are completed right on the pages of the book, you will have an interactive sketchbook of working circuits to refer to as you design your own projects. Best of all, you’ll be able to learn new electronics concepts while also expressing yourself in whole new ways.

Use these peel-and-stick circuits to add electronics to any sticker-friendly surface: paper, fabric, plastic, the sky’s the limit!   Circuit Stickers are an approachable way to learn and create electronics through craft, whether you’re just starting out with circuits, lighting up your favorite art, craft or science project.

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award and KAPi Award

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Elenco Electronic Snap Circuits
Snap Circuits

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Snap Circuits make learning electronics easy and fun! Students follow colorful pictures to build exciting projects such as AM radios, burglar alarms, doorbells & more. Parts are mounted on plastic modules & snap together with ease. No tools required. For students age 8 & up. Triple the fun! Students will build more than 300 projects while learning how transistors and capacitors function, how to make time delay circuits and how oscillators and photo sensors work.
Some experiments include:

  • AM radio
  • Radio announcer
  • Lie detector
  • Burglar alarm
  • Plus, experiments from Snap Circuits, Jr. Kit

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Elenco Solar Deluxe Educational Kit
Solar Deluxe Educational Kit

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By solar power, harness the power of the sun with environmental-friendly D.I.Y. kit. Through a series of experiments, students acquire the basics of solar energy. They’ll learn how to make electrical and solar circuits, how to increase voltage and current and how to use solar power to produce energy for a radio, calculator, battery charger, a cassette player and more. For ages 10 & up.

  • Fan unit
  • Musical unit
  • Plastic lamp
  • DC motor
  • Solar cell module w/stand
  • Yellow plastic turntables (4 sizes)
  • Paper airplane & bird models
  • Jumper, connecting wires
  • Screwdriver, screws & nuts
  • Assembly manual

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HUE Animation Studio
Animation Studio

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HUE Animation Studio contains everything that you need to create your own stop motion animation videos. For use at home or for school projects, this is a creative and educational pastime that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

This perfect gift for kids encourages creativity and imagination. Whether you are making a LEGO® brick film; animating in claymation or capturing a flower bloom using time-lapse photography, you can bring anything to life in minutes with the easy-to-use software.

The kit includes:

  • The HUE HD camera, a flexible plug and play USB camera with built-in microphone. HUE’s innovative design is perfect for animation.
  • The fully-featured HUE Animation software (formally SAM Animation) designed for children by teachers. A single license is included.
  • The HUE Book of Animation (formally the Klutz Book of Animation) has step-by-step instructions for creating 20 hilarious stop motion videos and ideas for even more. You can view these videos here. The videos, sound effects and backdrops are also included on the CD that comes with the kit.

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KnoxLabs Knox V2
Google Cardboard

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The latest Cardboard Viewer based on Google’s “The New Cardboard,” unveiled at Google I/0 2015. This viewer is equipped with amazing, purely aspherical lenses that were molded right here in our lab. Like all of our models, the Knox V2  is produced from the highest quality cardboard that’s made in Los Angeles. It is quick to assemble and works well with all smartphones.

The Knox V2 is Google Cardboard certified, and compatible with thousands of VR apps available for both iOS and Android platforms.


  • Support for screens up to 6 inches
  • Large 37mm in diameter lenses for larger field of view
  • Conductive Touch Button – Works with any phone
  • Quick 2-step assembly

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LittleBits Steam Student Set
Steam Student Set

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Bring powerful STEAM learning to your classroom.

  • Sets you up for 16+ hours of STEM/STEAM teaching with 8 engaging challenges, and additional companion lessons
  • Getting started is simple with a Student Invention Guide and 120+ page Teacher’s Guide.
  • Designed in partnership with educators to incorporate NGSS & Common Core in curriculum.
  • Engage students in problem solving, creative thinking, and collaboration through invention-based learning.
  • Works for classroom/makerspace instruction or self-directed learning for 1 – 4 students.

Educators of every level can now bring STEAM learning to life – no experience necessary. We walk you through every step with comprehensive lessons and guides.

Students engage with electronics by completing 8 challenges that progress in difficulty, with 10 companion lessons for educators.

With the inclusion of Art in STEM, students are empowered to think creatively and design and engineer solutions to real-world problems.

The 120+ page Teacher’s Guide connects challenges


Invent a self-driving vehicle
  • Invent an art machine
  • Invent a throwing arm
  • Invent a security device


  • Hack your classroom
  • Invent for good
  • Chain reaction contraption
Hack your habits

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Makey Makey Standard Kit
Makey Makey
Standard Kit

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Turn nearly anything into a game controller or computer key with this cool device! The MaKey MaKey Standard Kit is an Arduino-based device that lets you turn nearly anything into a computer key. Just attach the included alligator clips to food, people, liquids, Play-Doh, or any other somewhat conductive material for a whole new level of interactivity and fun.

Imagine for a moment that you could turn nearly anything into a game controller or keyboard. What would you do? Create a drum kit from oranges? Play Doom with your alphabet soup? With the MaKey MaKey, it’s possible!

The MaKey MaKey uses high resistance switching to detect connections. This allows it to detect a “button press” even if the material is only somewhat conductive. The onboard ATMega32u4 communicates to your computer with the HID (Human Interface Device) protocol allowing it to “act” as a keyboard or a mouse.

The front of the device has 6 inputs arranged like a classic video game controller. These inputs can be attached via alligator clips, soldering to the pads, or any other electrical connection. Need more inputs? There are 12 more inputs on the back, 6 for keyboard keys and 6 for mouse motion, all of which can be accessed by connecting jumpers to the female headers.

Want to change the behavior of your MaKey MaKey? Since it’s Arduino compatible, you can just reprogram it in the Arduino IDE.

Includes MaKey MaKey HID board, mini-USB cable, 6 jumper wires & 7 alligator clips. 

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Ozobot Bit 2.0 Blue Starter Pack
Ozobot Bit
2.0 Blue
Starter Pack

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Ozobot Bit blends coding and creativity in endless fun experiences. Bit uses optical sensors to read lines and OzoCodes—short color code sequences—that you draw with markers and paper. Use OzoCodes to command the bot to speed up, slow down, spin and more to complete mazes and challenges. The Starter Pack includes all of the necessary tools to ignite imaginations in ages 6 and up. Whatever your child can dream up, Ozobot Bit can do!

The Starter Pack comes with an OzoCode reference sheet and over 20 activities. When your child has completed the hours of activities in the box, they can download an Ozobot app or discover all-new games, lessons and coding challenges on the Ozobot website. Kids can also use the OzoBlocky web editor to learn block-based programming principles.

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Sparkle Labs Sun Mod Solar Hacking Kit
Sparkle Labs
Sun Mod Solar
Hacking Kit

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Hack any AA or AAA powered device to make it solar powered. Add-on our SunMod kit and let the sun’s rays charge your iPod speakers, computer mouse, TV remotes, kid’s toys, etc… Fun hack. Easy way to break into solar projects. NiMH batteries not included. The alkaline batteries will need to be changed to rechargeable NiMH batteries for this project.

Attach this flexible solar panel to any device powered with two AA or AAA rechargeable batteries. Just leave it in a sunny spot sometimes, and your batteries will always stay charged.

Kit includes:

  • 1 flexible solar cell 4.8V with soldered metal connectors
  • Mailable packaging
  • Double -sided tape

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Sparkle Labs Two NiMH Batteries
Sparkle Labs
Two NiMH

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Batteries for the Sparkle Labs Sun Mod Solar Hacking Kit.

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XYZprinting Da Vinci 3D Pen
Da Vinci
3D Pen

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XYZprinting’s da Vinci 3D Pen is a standalone device that can create 3D printed objects without the need of computers or Computer-assisted Design software. Create anything, anywhere.

The da Vinci 3D Pen is lightweight and mobile, allowing users to make use of their surroundings to create large or small objects. Move freely along a surface or extend your creation upwards to add dimension to your drawings.

The da Vinci 3D Pen has 11 fashionable colors of filaments to choose from. The PLA Refill filaments are biodegradable, non-toxic PLA filament made from organic materials. This filament has gone through various tests to ensure that it is DEHP-free and Heavy Metal-free for your safety.

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“Makerspaces allow students the opportunity to showcase their problem solving, creativity and imagination.”

-Michelle Griffith., District Librarian, Brazosport, TX