Todd Burleson


Todd Burleson

Hubbard Woods Library Media Specialist and
2016 School Library Journal’s School Librarian of the Year!

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Idea Lab

The Hubbard Woods IDEA Lab is part of a district-wide initiative to develop STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts and Math) sites at each academic level. It was created after extensive site visits, research and review. At HWS, the STEAM lab is a vital part of the school library. In fact, we’ve come up with a new term for it: a ‘libratory.’ It is a merging of the terms library and labratory. In this space, students are as likely to experience design thinking challenges as they are to be researching topics for a presentation.

Pre-order Todd Burleson’s new book, Green Screen Makerspace Project Book

This easy-to-follow, fun guide teaches you all about green screen technology and shows, step-by-step, how to create interesting, professional-grade special effects. The book is packed with simple, start-to-finish projects and challenges.

Idea Lab Robotics

There are four different platforms that allow students the opportunity to explore complex concepts hands-on.

Idea Lab Construction

Construction need not consist of specific blocks or sets of materials. We know that recycled cardboard is just as inspirational for our students. This is just one of the tools we provide for them to express their creativity.

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badge-advocate-300x279Todd Burleson is a 24-year educator. He has enjoyed teaching students from kindergarten to college. After nearly two decades in the classroom, he became a teacher-maker-librarian. He was honored to receive the 2016 School Library Journal’s School Librarian of the Year Award. He, along with his PTO and colleagues, created The IDEA Lab at Hubbard Woods School. This cutting-edge STEAM space highlights progressive education and best practices, and is always seeking to find the balance of books and bytes. He is always curious and fosters that sense of wonder in all he does.

“I believe that STEAM education is the blending of all disciplines in a seamless and celebratory way. My passion is the awakening of curiosity in learners of all ages.”

-Todd Burleson, Hubbard Woods Library Media Specialist and 2016 School Library Journal’s School Librarian of the Year!