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Jun 15, 2017 Laura Fleming 0 comments
MAKE Time for Learning in the Summer…At Home!

For me, one of the most powerful pieces of the Maker Movement is that it is based on the belief that regardless of race, gender or even age, there is something in it for everyone. Makerspaces in K-12 have had a profound impact on education, but for me, it also has had a profound impact […]

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Makerspaces Around the World

“You grow more when you get more people’s perspectives.” ~ Mark Zuckerberg One of the most rewarding parts about writing my new book, The Kickstart Guide to Making Great Makerspaces (Fall 2017), was the opportunity to highlight and feature GREAT Makerspaces all around the world. I recently interviewed some of the people behind these spaces to […]

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Out of the Box Approach to Planning Makerspaces

Don’t think outside the box…Think like there is no box. ~ Unknown One of the most rewarding experiences in writing my second book (The Kickstart Guide to Making GREAT Makerspaces, Fall 2017) has been having the honor of being able to highlight and showcase GREAT makerspaces far and wide. In doing that research, I discovered […]

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Making GREAT Makerspaces: The 7 Attributes of a GREAT Makerspace

My work with schools across the nation on planning and creating makerspaces has proven to me that while anyone can create a makerspace, there are distinct differences between makerspaces and GREAT makerspaces. GREAT makerspaces are unique to your school community, vibrant for now, and sustainable into the future. Recently on Instagram, I had a series […]

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Makerspace Stories and Social Media: Leveraging the Learning #HackingPBL

This post is #10 in a series of 10 posts that serve as extensions of the 10 chapters in Hacking Project Based Learning, which I coauthored with Erin Murphy. This post, coauthored with Laura Fleming, was originally published on Edutopia. It is an extension of Chapter 10, which focuses on PBL reflection and publishing. #HackingPBL […]

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Apr 17, 2017 Ross Cooper 0 comments
5 Ways I Screwed up (and Fixed) Project Based Learning in My Classroom

About a month ago I was chatting with a colleague who was inspired to implement project based learning (PBL) in her classroom, took it upon herself to do so, and her first attempt at it was a complete flop. While talking with her about what took place, she mentioned how many bloggers and writers (including […]

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5 Ways to Avoid Project Based Learning Fluff #HackingPBL

This post is #3 in a series of 10 posts that serve as extensions of the 10 chapters in Hacking Project Based Learning, which I coauthored with Erin Murphy. This post is an extension of Chapter 3, which focuses on deciding on which content your project should focus. #HackingPBL For all of the posts in […]

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How We Made The Shift To A Culture Of Making

I suddenly find myself dumpster diving for that yoghurt pot, paper towel roll, or tin can. I see potential in every piece of cardboard, candy wrapper, straw, and yarn. I am a Maker-Librarian! I’m a year into this journey to develop a maker community with an instructional framework to support maker-centered learning. I’m passionate about […]

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Mar 28, 2017 Laura Fleming 1 comment
We Love Books, Just as Much as Makerspaces: The Story of How Our Students Built Our Collection

Something that bothers me so much is when I read articles that talk about how libraries are becoming Makerspaces. Our Makerspace is one component of the participatory culture that runs through our space. Anyone who knows my story knows that my point of entry into the Maker Movement was through literacy, so for me, literacy […]

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A Maker’s Imagination: The Beauty of Homemade Fun

In my next life I will come back as an archaeologist, a female Indiana Jones on the quest for the lost relic of an ancient civilization. For now, I am on the hunt for recyclable materials that my students can transform into works of art and engineering in our library makerspace. My own three young […]

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