Making GREAT Makerspaces

My work with schools across the Nation on planning and creating Makerspaces has proven to me that while anyone can create a Makerspace, there are distinct differences between Makerspaces and GREAT Makerspaces. GREAT Makerspaces are unique to your school community, vibrant for now, and sustainable into the future. Recently on Instagram, I had a series […]

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Kick Off A BYOT Initiative In Your Makerspace!

The current generation of students has grown up with technology and uses it in every aspect of their daily lives and for many, this will include the jobs they will be pursuing. Equipping students with the skills they need in life outside of school and beyond the makerspace, is an powerful component of the Maker […]

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Moving Beyond Lego Walls

Anyone who follows my work knows that I am passionate about creating makerspaces that are unique to individual school communities. I have said many times that: “No two makerspaces should be exactly alike, because no two school communities are exactly alike.” All too often, school districts just replicate what others are doing or base their decisions […]

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Jan 24, 2017 Laura Fleming 0 comments
Culture In A Transformed Library

Think your library needs a renovation? You might be right, but before spending unnecessary money on a major overhaul, you might want to think again. I receive inquiries all of the time from schools whose libraries are not used, and thought that renovating their space was going to do the trick. Oftentimes, even with a […]

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Student Techsperts Manage Makerspace Resources!

The more I teach, the more I learn. This year I began a Student Techspert team to help manage the makerspace resources and technology in our library. Our library makerspace has grown exponentially in a very short time, and without a full-time staff it can be difficult to provide the level of personalized library service […]

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Live Chat- #MakeyMakey Q&A Educator Series

I’m stoked to be a part of the Makey Makey Jedi Series next week! Join in live to ask me about making, literacy, Makey Makey, poetry, and libraries! Check out these posts: Makey Makey Lessons, Makey Makey Poetry , Makey Makey Bookdrop , Invention Literacy PBL and then tune in live next week to ask […]

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